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TOOLS USA 2000: Where Bytes Meet Beach

Object-Oriented Software Construction, 2nd ed

The Design by Contract portal

An article, with reference sites, about Architecture and Design

An article about the Cronus Virtual Local Network

An article containing news about the Asian internet

A chapter, from a book on Java, which deals with alternatives to Java

An article with information about Design By Contract, Linux, and related material

Submitted abstracts for the Asia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference (APSEC) and ICSC

An evaluation of the object-orientedness of MAX and how to develop a library of musical objects

A site about component-based reuse in software development

A site with information about Eiffel and the Eiffel Struggle '98 Competition

A Linuxgazette issue with articles concerning Design By Contract

A paper describing the Development Database of a Software Engineering Environment (SEE)

A site which discusses filters as a language support for design patterns in Object-Oriented scripting languages

A site which examines that contracts can be added to Java, as contracts have been implemented as part of the Eiffel language

A site which describes ways of combining computers and communications

A site which talks about components, and briefly relates them to Design By Contract

A paper which describes the Design By Contract pattern

A site about Smalleiffel, a compiler for the Eiffel language: Downloadable

A paper dealing with the question: Why implementation inheritance?

A paper entitled "Teaching Eiffel as a first language"

A paper which outlines a methodology to convert procedural to O-O code

An article about behavior of Eiffel, Design by Contract, and related materials

The site of Accutech Engineering's newsletter, which provides updated information on Acutech Eng. Inc.

A site, made by Ambitus Limited, about Design by Contract

A site entitled "Building bug-free O-O software: An introduction to Design by Contract"

The site of a weekly newsletter about software; this particular issue deals extensively with Java

An article which does a "Dynamic Analysis on Assertion Checking"

A site about Rowhide, a development tool that supports the Design by Contract methodology

An article about the SQP-method implementation, Aztec, EiffelMath, and other related topics

A site with aritcles on Design by Contract, role modeling, reusable interfaces, and related topics

An article on Design by Contract

An article which provides a detailed description of every aspect of Software Engineering

An article on jContractor, a reflective Java library to support Design by Contract

An article on Design by Contract

An article, in Doctor Dobb's Journal, about implementing assertions for Java

An article, in Dr. Dobb's journal, about Design by Contract

A site with letters to a newspaper about Java

An article which explains Eiffel and Design by Contract for native speakers of C++

An article about Tcl-Eiffel, a GUI extension to SmallEiffel

An article, on the Eiffel web site, which is an introduction to Design by Contract

An article on Design by Contract written by the creator, Bertrand Meyer

An article with quotes explaining the lack of Design by Contract in Java

An article about Eiffel

An article about Eiffel vs. C++, (in Spanish!)

A page about the programming language Lisp

A site about Design by Contract in Common Lisp

An article which talks about Eiffel

A site about JContracts, a Java API that provides assertions that can be used to implement Design by Contract

An article entitled "Design Guidelines for Coordination Components"

An article which provides guidelines and tips on when and how to use exceptions when designing

The site of Infoworld, a magazine which gives daily information about computer-related events

A site intended as a source of information about various aspects of software safety

An article which describes the faults and lessons of the Ariane 5 crash

An article about Design by Contract, the Unified modelling Language (UML), and related topics

An article about software development environments

An article about Design by Contract, IN GERMAN

The linuxgazette article on Design by Contract and related topics, IN ITALIAN

An article about the Ariane 5 crash, and how it could have been avoided

An article about the Unified Modelling Language (UML), and which aspects of it are important

An article about JVerify, a Java class/APi testing tool that supprts an invasive testing model

A list of articles on advanced language features in Java

An article on organizing thoughts into sequences, hierarchies, and Networks when designing software

An article about how extreme programming and the Open Source movement will overthrow the OO methods industry

Articles on Java-related topics, in particular how to do Design by Contract in Java

A list of articles on Object-Oriented topics, including Design by Contract

An article about the Jolt award for best book on Software development won by Bertrand Meyer for his book "Object Oriented Software Construction, 2nd edition"

An article which delas with the question "What's going on with Guile?"

An article which gives ten reasons why programmers prefer Java to Eiffel

An article about how to write bug-free C code

An article, IN GERMAN, about Design by Contract

An article entitled "Eiffel as an Alternative"

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